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WE’RE BACK on the Island and have been since last Wednesday when officials allowed people to return after Sandy’s departure. Like other property owners and businesses, we were eager to assess the condition of our office and the
properties of our clients.

AVALON and STONE HARBOR damage was minimal compared to other areas. Most damage on the Island falls into one of a few main categories:
-beach erosion along much of the beach
-damaged or missing docks along the bayfront
-flood damage to low lying buildings.

Our office, one of those low lying buildings, had about a foot of flood water inside. Newer homes and buildings, built at higher elevations, saw no flood damage. Wind damage was surprisingly minimal given the size and strength of the storm. Most wind damage was limited to lost shingles, siding, or trim. Perhaps the most notable damage on Seven Mile Island is the “wash out” of Ocean Drive at the foot of the Townsend’s Inlet Bridge. The bridge will remain closed until repairs can be made. All other roads and bridges to Avalon and Stone Harbor are open.

REASONS we were spared the worst of the damage include large beaches and a large, protective dune system to buffer the island from storm waves/waters,excellent storm drainage, and properties built to meet the latest construction codes, allowing them to avoid flooding and withstand storm winds. Also, having the eye of the storm pass over us turned out to be a blessing, as a brief period of calm was followed by shifting winds that helped blow the storm surge back out to sea.

FOR AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE about how our dunes and beaches helped protect the island, see:


THANKS TO OFFICIALS from both Avalon & Stone Harbor for their careful planning, which started many, many years before this particular storm. Without their advance planning and leadership, we would not have been as fortunate. 

THANKS TO FIRST RESPONDERS from Avalon & Stone Harbor who remained on the Island during the storm protecting the few who didn’t evacuate, as well as the properties of everyone who did. Those same first responders provided some of the only real-time local updates during the storm, with pictures appearing on www.AvalonEmergency.org <http://www.AvalonEmergency.org>, as well as the Facebook pages of the Borough of Avalon and the Stone Harbor Fire Department.

THANKS TO OUR CLIENTS! So many of you called, emailed, or stopped by to express your concern and to offer help. We appreciate that immensely!

OUR SYMPATHIES go out to our neighbors along the New Jersey coast and elsewhere who suffered far worse damage than we did. We sincerely hope that power can be restored, roads cleared, and damage repaired so those affected can begin the road to recovery.  

OUR OFFICE is being repaired; wet carpet was removed last week, the building is dry, and we’re using our second floor meeting room as a center of daily operations.  WE’RE OPEN during our normal business hours! We’re working both from home and in the office, meeting with clients, and yes, selling and renting properties. 

The day after Sandy departed, a beautiful sunset graced Avalon & Stone Harbor. Brighter days are ahead!